2019: Year Of The Pig - FIVE BOYS CLOTHING


January 29, 2019


**Celebrate The Year of The Pig with Limited Edition Tees**

We are delighted to introduce the pig to our Chinese New Year inspired t-shirt collection.

Celebrate the approach of Spring with two hogtastic designs; ‘Howling at the Moon’ or ‘When Pigs Fly’ - both hand screen-printed in Bristol on organic cotton tees (£15 ages 3-14).

The new moon on 5th February 2019 marks the official new year in China and ends with a lantern festival on the nineteenth.

Children born in the year of the pig (2007) are said to be gentle, focused, optimistic and blessed with good fortune. So here’s to all the piggies in the world, long live their beautiful personalities. But you don’t have to be born in the year of the pig to love a pig t-shirt!

Watch this space for more t-shirts designed exclusively by Five Boys Clothing


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