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Five Boys Clothing is an online shop where you can find cool clothes for boys

We started Five Boys Clothing nearly five years ago. Why? It’s a simple story really; with five boys between us (hence the name!) we were fed up with the lack of choice for boys’ clothing.


We started researching independent brands and found there were so many great designs out there - if you looked in the right place. So, we created our own online shop to enable others to find these great boys' clothes too.

No stereotypes, no random words or numbers. Just good prints on colourful, good quality, organic clothes

Five years  - and two more children - down the line we have launched our own brand of organic t-shirts and sweatshirts. Simple, fun and colourful. Designs that the boys like and that we like. All printed locally in Bristol on GOTS organic cotton.   

 Quality and durability is a given - but our boys choose to wear our clothes for the comfort and fun designs

To compliment what we offer we also stock a number of other carefully selected products including the exclusively designed Bushbells Kikoy Beach Ponchos – available here. And the coolest lounge wear from i dig denim - available here.

We love supporting social enterprises as sustainable and responsible sourcing is an integral part of what we practice.  Which is why we also have several lines of t-shirts that are good and do good! See more here.


Who are we?

We are Taffeta and Sophia.  People often comment on our unusual names and our colourful trainers.

Taffeta - similar to silk but prettier. Sophia - rhymes with papaya. And we both hate having our picture taken so we've no proof about the trainers. 


We went to school together. We went travelled the world together. We shared a flat at University together. And some children later (not together), our journey has brought us here.

With all of our boys - and nephews and godsons - we now have undreamt insights into the world of sport and have learnt the cardinal rule for every mother of boys: if you feed them regularly and exercise them enough, everything else just falls in to place. That and always keep a spare of pair of shin pads in the car.

Taffeta lives in West London with her two boys and girl (Ferdie 8, Gus 6 and Clemmie 4).

Sophia lives in Bristol with her four boys (Zebedee 15, Wilfie 11, Algy 8 and Hector 1).

Contact us through hello@fiveboysclothing.com











Size Chart

Boys come in all shapes and sizes. 

We try to indicate in our product descriptions whether items are true to size or if you need to size up. Our Scandi brands go by height rather than age and we give a rough indication of the age alongside the measurement for your own guide. But you know best whether your boy is big or small. If in doubt, drop us an email hello@fiveboysclothing.com 













EU Size (cm)













Any European brands provide a height measurement - and we always attempt to describe the fit. Please find a guide to European sizing below.

The European size is based on the actual height in centimeters, example a size 122 means 122 centimeter, that is for a child in height 122 centimeter.

If you'd like specific measurements we're happy to provide those. Please contact us directly.